Journey of Life

"All of us have fears and dreams and perhaps the two are not so far apart. Perhaps they're at the center of who we are."



There are these feelings of nostalgia which are constantly flowing throw me every moment, every second of the day. Why do these feelings of nostalgia appear? Is there a reason they are appearing? I wish to say what I cannot. However, tears are constantly flooding me… emotional tears… physical tears. Tears are tears…showing anyone who is in dire need of someone to talk to, someone to be there and listen. So, who am I to say what I want? I know I can’t. Why? Because I’m scared of being explicit. Even though knowing that I should…I’m so fearful of not doing so. Of being judged in this world that…slowly, I’m dying from the inside out. Perhaps I know not many will see this and understand that this is my cry for help…but how else can I say that I need someone…just someone to let me vent…to let me forgive the person I am…to let me move on…


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